About our little world

We have been married since 2001 and had Little Man in 2003.  We had Monster in 2015. We live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath townhouse in the Panhandle of Florida, close to a major military installation. Cyclingchicken is a stay at home mom who home schools and Dadabean is a county correctional officer.

We have attempted to live a car- free life.   We have had everything from just bicycles, to bicycles and a scooter, two scooters, a car and a scooter, a sidecar bike and a car, and finally, a sidecar bike only.  The realities of living in this car-centric culture and a rural town make it hard to go completely car-free, but we keep fighting the good fight.  Why?  Because God made us individuals for a reason, each one a perfect and completely different masterpiece.  Other than obeying His word, I don’t think He meant for us to be conformed to everything everyone is doing around us, despite their general opinion that we should.  I don’t like being confined in a box, and a car is a box on wheels.   

We had a backyard flock of chickens, anywhere from 10 to over 100 give or take a few at any time. We never thought we would get addicted, told ourselves that we would only have a small flock. It really was just going to be a flock of 8 and no more. 😀 We raised them  for eggs and our personal enjoyment. They made great pets and had wonderful personalities. We could and did, sit outside for hours and just watch them.  It was a real learning experience, plus a great ongoing project that catered to Dadabean’s building and problem solving side.  However, like so many things, they went by the wayside because of expense, time needed to maintain, and space.

Cyclingchicken likes to read, knit, go riding in the sidecar, cook, bellydance, and take naps. Dadabean likes to work and ride on the sidecar bike, read, tease his wife unmercifully, and occassionally gets in a nap as well.   Little Man is a typical boy, into bugs, dirt, and shares his Daddy’s love of things with wheels.   He’s also very smart, and benefits from a homeschool environment.  Monster thinks he should be riding with Dad at all times, and affirms so with motorcycle sounds and “Da, da, da, da…”

We believe in God, His Son’s atoning death on the cross for our sins, and His living in us by the Holy Ghost if we engage Him in a relationship and maintain that relationship.  However, we do not believe the corporate church is any longer led by Christ, and have opted to worship at home and live our lives as an example to others the best we can.

If you author a blog about business, internet business, business networking, etc., just don’t comment to my blog.  I’m not here to help you network and advertise.  Unload your spam on somebody else.


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