One of the problems I have with boots is my feet sweat, alot. However,  I still need something to protect my feet and ankles when I ride the sidecar bike.   One of the newest trends in protective gear is perforated leather. I found these boots through a cafe racer magazine.   Gasolina Boots are hand-made in Mexico.  They are custom-sized,  and take a couple of weeks to be made to your measurements. There are several models, but mine,  the Typhoon, is the only one in perforated leather. 20160324_151513These things feel great on my feet, and did not need breaking-in.20160324_151529l mention this as green living, because I mostly used desert boots in the past for motorcycle and bicycle riding. Great boots for wicking sweat away from my feet, but when they wore out, they had to go in the trash. The sneaker-style became unwearable before the soles wore out. Fine leather boots can be resoled many times over. 20160324_151544



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