When you put together a sidecar rig,  there are small details you have to take care of to make it work better.   One of those is gearing.   The original bike was not designed to have an extra 250+ pounds to drag around.   Some bikes already have low enough gearing from the factory, most don’t. The previous owner of Mike Kazowski had already put a smaller front sprocket on,  probably for better offroad performance.   This seemed alright for awhile,  but Mike tends to bog down on sharper turns, so I have installed a rear sprocket one tooth larger.  After having shaft and belt drives for so long,  I am not liking chain maintenance, but it sure is nice to change gear ratios so easily. And, when things get worn, parts are replaced instead of a major rebuild.20160226_07430920160226_07433520160226_07562620160226_082140Another detail is tyres.  I  have figured out a car tyre that will fit and installed it. I now have about 1000 miles on it and it seems to be holding up well. Sidecar rigs chew up tyres quickly, so a car tyre is preferable if you can get one to fit. 20160225_10290520160225_102911


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