Well, where to start?  We have moved, I quit the state and work for a county jail now.  The new engine in Vaya was good, but she still needed a lot of work to keep on the road as a daily driver.  At some point, I just got tired of wrenching.  Oh, I love tinkering, and maintenance is not a problem, but major mechanical surgery is not that appealing anymore.  I want to ride.  I want to spend time with my sons.  I couldn’t do that with Vaya.

Oh, did I mention SONS? Little Monster was born March 29th of last year.  His brother was 11.  Wow.  We pretty-much forgot how to do the newborn thing…  but picked it up quickly.  This little guy is super cute, easy going, and is a good eater.


Anyways, I have since sold Vaya, but kept the sidecar and attached it to a more modern motorcycle, a 2006 Kawasaki KLR 650.  I named it Mike Kazowski, after the Mike in Monsters, Inc.  10632732_1755918481310901_8618656409149563844_n

As you can see, Little Man has grown a bit.  He finally acquired an APPETITE, and can sometimes eat as much as I do.  I have taken to beating him severely about the head and toes, with a foam sword.  Yes, we do that thing some people call LARP.  We hit each other with foam swords.  Really good exercise, and helps me train for something that I hope never happens, a physical attack from an inmate at work.  We got some good grade equipment this year, and it is working our shoulders and arms quite well.


We have had a car since we last updated two years ago, but only a short time.  Reality hit us when it broke bad enough we couldn’t afford to repair it.  On one income, we just don’t have the money for a car and its expensive insurance.  We have plans for a pair of cargo bicycles maybe next year’s tax return.  We’ll see.  Where we live now looks much less bicycle friendly than the last two Florida towns we have lived in.


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