I at one time was checking my weight everyday which was making me depressed and then switched to once a month, but that wasn’t given me good motivation. Now I check every Friday. We had gotten sick and weren’t eating well so I actually gained weight the week before. I also wasn’t exercising at all which is a big no-no for me. This week I am happy to report that I have lost  0.8 lbs. Which puts me at needing to lose 5 lbs til I get my reward.

This past week I decide to start walking on the days Dadabean is off. Since he rides bikes with Little Man on those days, it gives me some much-needed time to myself. I am also able to walk farther than if I had to take Little Man with me. I was used to walking anywhere from 2 to 4 miles a day when I lived in Crawfordville. One of the things I like about Carrabelle  is that everything is much closer. Although, it looks like my body actually missed the mileage I was doing.  The nice thing is that  now I can do a lot of exploring to make my walks more enjoyable. 😀

I am starting to get everything in proper balance, so that I can now start to see progress. It has taken a bit, but I am finally on the right track!


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