New tools and projects

One of the worst ideas I had when I gave up knitting was to get rid of everything. I imagine that I should have just put it aside for a while and then come back to it after a cool down period. Or so I thought. It looks like it was a blessing in disguise. It gave me a chance to try new needles:

Caspian NeedlesThese are the Caspian needles from Knit Picks. They are a wood laminate and I love them a lot. I am a tight knitter, in fact, I managed to bend some of my metal needles. This forces me to be a bit more conscious of my tightness. Which has saved a bit on cramped fingers. I have noticed that my gauge now tends to be a lot closer to what is stated in a pattern. Another nice thing, is that theses needles don’t get cold. It makes knitting in the cooler months that much better.


I prefer center pull balls. They are much easier to use and don’t send me on a wild goose chase. I had gotten a ball winder and swift for Christmas one year. As much as I liked my ball winder and swift, there were definite disadvantages to them. One was the dedicated space needed to keep them set up for whenever I needed them and two was the times when the ball would come off the winder or the yarn would tangle in the swift. It made for many hours trying to untangle and giving it another go. I had on one occasion had to completely get rid of a ball of yarn, because I couldn’t salvage it.  So this time I looked for an alternative that wouldn’t take up much space and I didn’t have to worry about tangles. I don’t know where I had seen the nostepinne before, but it definitely fit my needs. It has taken some practice to get the hang of it, but it is quite relaxing once I get it going well. I do miss the cakes that my winder and swift made since they stood up on their own. I make eggs with the nostepinne, so I just tuck them back in their wrapper to make them stand up. I also decided to try another way of keeping count. I don’t really like the row counters that much. If they don’t fit on my needles I am forever dropping them and spending a lot of time chasing them around the room. Since I have been teaching Little Man how to add with an abacus I decided to give the Ablet a try.

Ablet & wrist supportI like that it can be worn on you wrist and that once you get the beads in place they won’t move. It does take a bit of finagling to get the beads in place though (it is actually easier to just leave the thing off and use both hands).  You have nine beads on the left and nine beads on the right. Left side equals the tens place and right side equals the ones. So if you are on row 15, you just move one bead down on the left side and 5 beads down on the right.  One thing I thought that I had saved was my wrist brace (I was supposed to use it when Dadabean taught me how to ride Vaya), but I couldn’t find it anywhere after the move. Since we live in a very small town I didn’t have much choice of what to get. I am pleasantly surprised with this, though. It actually works better than my old brace and only cost me $4.00 at Dollar General.

Double KnittingAlong with replacing my tools, I decided to start over and complete my last project- a double knitted scarf for Dadabean. I regretted not completing it. It has 7 charts altogether and I managed to make it to the third..  I am halfway through the first chart on this one.  Originally, I had try holding the two yarns with different hands in order to keep them from tangling. I thought I would get through it quicker, but it actually slowed me down and I was left with bars of colors in different places. This time I hold both yarns with my right hand and just untangle them at the end-much faster and no mistakes. Since it is a long scarf, it will take me a while to finish. I can do about 14-21 rows a day before my arms scream no more. It is going to be my project to keep me busy while waiting for new yarn.

ReverseRight now it is on hold, because I have been knitting monsters:

John's MonsterMeet Seymour. He is Dadabean’s monster. In one of my knitting books it shows a step by step process on how to put a toy monkey together. One picture showed what I thought would make a perfect monster, so I just knitted up the arms, legs and body. Little Man loved it and threatened to steal it, so I am making him one out of the remaining yarn in my stash. Then I will be back to knitting on the scarf, while I build up some more supplies and yarn for the monsters in the More Knitwits book.


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