Cyclin’ Today…

Been awhile, but we finally got back around to having bicycles-  for Tal and I.  Tal has always liked BMX bikes, so we decided to get him a 24″ cruiser BMX, big enough for his lanky 10-year-oldness, but with a little room to grow.  Me, being a 43-year-old big kid, decided to get a BMX in order to ride with Tal, in an appropriately big size for me: 29″ wheels and 24.5″ top tube length.  I feel like a youngster again, being bought something big I can grow into 🙂  This is going to be a Dad-and-Son thing.  Mommy will be concentrating on her bellydancing for exercise.  We will be using them as transportation around our little town, but no more loading ourselves down with bags and such.  Just for fun, and getting small things that will fit in a backpack.  0211141821-000207140025-010211141840-000211142023-000312141643-000312141645-020312141730-000312141940-00


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