One of my favorite things about knitting is that everything I create can be given to someone else to enjoy. I personally love the process of creating the item, but I don’t always want to keep it after it is made. Dadabean and Little Man are great for wanting the things I knit, but every once in a while I get a chance to make something for someone else.  I have just finished making a pair of alligator scarfs (1 blue, 1 orange) for our Gator fan neighbors from upstairs. We have been really blessed with wonderful neighbors and I wanted to create something a bit more permanent to show our appreciation for their friendship ( I normally make treats, but cookies don’t last long enough). The scarfs are quite long and took me about a week to complete each one. It was a very simple knit and I am pleased with the results.


MiddleTailI had to stand on a chair to get pictures and even then I couldn’t get the whole thing in one shot. I even had to scrunch them up a bit so that they would fit on the table.

One of Dadabean’s coworkers is having a baby boy soon, so I got the chance to knit baby stuff. I wasn’t knitting at the time Little Man was a baby, so I missed out on the whole baby stuff. I decided to peruse her Facebook page to see what she was interested in. She is a Seminoles fan and had bought a bunch of baby items with monkeys on them. I decided to make one of those loveys that have a blanket for the body in Seminole colors for her. I was lucky and ended up with extra yarn, so I made her another one in reverse colors.

Monkey BlanketsLittle Man wanted me to make one of the monkeys into a pirate, I told him that this was for a bitty baby, he said that the baby would like it, because it was a boy. I compromised and gave it an eye patch, but no hook hand. He decided he was OK with that decision. We left it at her house and when she got home from work (she is on a different shift from Dadabean) she sent a message saying she loved them. Yay!!! 😀

Now back to knitting for my guys….Next up monsters!


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