I have been trying to lose weight for several years now. It has been a big battle between getting healthy and my lack of willpower. I find that amusing, since I have the backbone to put everything else in to play and stick with it. I will do good for a little while and then the stress hits. Boom! All that wonderful effort has gone right out the door in a matter of days. I had even managed to get down to 183 lbs. I was very excited and then we moved. While the move was wanted and even anticipated it was still stressful. Stress for me = no exercise and pigging out.  I have managed to gain back 12 lbs and for the past six months have been fighting to get rid of it. In searching for what would help me out, I decided to pick up my reward system again. It was what helped me the most in getting under 200 lbs. I had even managed to get down to my first reward, but I didn’t have the ability to purchase reward and it resulted in gaining that weight back.   In order to get my butt back in gear, I went ahead and purchased my reward:

For when I reach 190 lbs
For when I reach 190 lbs

Hubby is going to turn it into a necklace for me. I put it where I would see it every day, along with some important guidelines to help me stay motivated.  It is like dangling the carrot. I want it, but can’t have it until I reach the goal. Now I have 5.2 lbs to go and I really want to be wearing it when I go on my anniversary date with hubby in April. 😀


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