It has been a few years since my last post. I had originally thought I was finished with blogging, but didn’t have the heart to take down the blog itself. Funny thing is a few days ago I get an e-mail stating someone was following my blog. I debated starting back up again and thought no..I just leave it as it is. Tonight however Dadabean began going over some of the old posts and I realized that I really do like blogging a lot. 

In the time that we stopped posting, Dadabean switched to 12 hour shifts at the prison working from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.  Since then we have successfully switched to being up all night and sleeping during the day. The switch has greatly improved Little Man’s schooling and it helps beat the heat during the summer. We also moved closer to work. The 70 mile a day commute was just not financially smart and was wearing Dadabean out. 

Due to the switch in sleeping schedule we made the  decision to get rid of the chickens. It was a very hard decision, with me attempting to split my sleep in bits, so that we could keep them. In the end, though, we just weren’t giving them the attention they needed. I miss them greatly some days, but now we have a new addiction: (although a better managed one) Budgies! We have a blue male named Capo, a pure yellow female with red eyes named Scarlet, and a mostly yellow with green belly female named Pinchie Popcorn. 

I took a hiatus from knitting due to stress and frustration. I even went as far as to get rid of all my stuff. I thought moving to the new place I would be too busy to knit. Well, after being here for six months, I realized I missed my knitting too much. Plus a really cold winter made me realize how much having knitted stuff is nice. I am slowly building my supplies back up one project at a time. 

I am still on the weight loss journey. I have many setbacks, but have made it under 200 lbs.! I am slowly learning what works and what doesn’t with me. My main problem is just sticking to my goal. 

Finally, we are once again without a car, but instead of relying on bicycles like before we have this:


That is our MT-11 Russian sidecar bike we named Vaya. We have had her a couple of years. We went up to Minnesota and drove her back. Upon coming home we realized that we couldn’t support two vehicles. The sidecar bike at the time seemed a better option cost wise, so we sold the car. It has given us many fits and starts and has left us stranded a few times, but we will be getting a new engine for it soon. 

Well that is all for now. More posts to come….


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