New Projects

Yesterday I received the yarn to make the hat for Luna’s mom. It is soft and very beautifully colored. It is also going to be a challenge knit with as it splits. I made half of the rose that goes with the hat and had to frog it and start over before I even made it pass the second row. This is going to be fun. 😛 

I have also started on Little Man’s hoodie. It is going along a lot smoother, but I forgot how long it takes and just how many rows you have to knit to make a hoodie. Since he is growing, I have to make one that is a lot bigger. I will have to remember to take pics so that I can put up my progress.

It is nice to have more than one project going. That they have different time lengths to complete will help immensely with any boredom or tediousness I might feel. Also nice is that they are different in levels of challenge, too. I can spend part of my time knitting on auto pilot and the other time fully engaged and practicing my skill. As with any of my other projects, I can’t wait to see the finished result.


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