New Start

Well a lot has changed since the last time we posted. Dadabean has graduated from the police academy, passed the state exam and is now working at Franklin CI. We have donated the bicycles, as we have not been able to keep up with riding and with him sleeping during the day and working all night, we really won’t be riding. Our flock has shrunk considerably, but thankfully we still have chickens, as there was a month or two where we thought we would have to get rid of them.

I debated deleting the blog and starting afresh somewhere else, but I like this blog. I will be changing things up a bit though and posting more about my knitting and the chickens with a little bit of family dashed in. With Dadabean working full time and at odd hours, there will probably be fewer posts from him. It is going to be awkward as I figure out where to go from here, but I am definitely blogging again. I have missed it and can’t wait to make a new start!


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