Fighting With Sticks

So, it has been awhile since we last posted.  Been busy, especially me with Correctional Officer School.  I have good grades so far, an “A” average, and I was also chosen to be Sergeant-At-Arms because of my military experience and eye for detail.  The Physical Training has been tough, especially since I somehow got lazy and developed a paunch.  All the PT we have been doing so far has been in preparation for Defensive Tactics, which comes in September.  Apparently, it’s a tough course.  Defensive Tactics will teach me what I need for hand-to-hand combat with one or several inmates if I am ever attacked.  That does happen once-in-awhile.  Anyways, a refresher course is taught to us by the state every year once we are hired, but I am not comfortable just going-over self-defense once-a-year.  In casting-about for something to help me train myself to deal with combat situations, and also get a bit of PT in other than what we do at school, I hit on the idea of Little Man and I battling it out with Nerf Swords.  One of my fellow students, DS, lives here in Crawfordville, so we carpool to school.  In riding with DS and listening to him talk, I learned that he is a member of the SCA (Society of Creative Acronyms) which does mock combat with real armor and rattan swords.  He has agreed to teach us some techniques, and is also planning on making his own boffer sword.   

Here is Little Man, with Thor Nerf sword, martial arts protective headgear, and modified plastic shield.  I have wrapped the sword with colored duct tape to protect the foam.  The shield, bought at a costume shop in Tallahassee, was pitifully thin, so I sprayed the back with flexible insulation foam.  I then drilled some holes for a couple pieces of rope to hold the shield more securely.  DS has already made him another shield, larger and more rectangular, out of a lid to a plastic storage box.  There are plans for a tunic, plastic armor, and possibly a helm with mock chainmail, all handmade, of course.  The headgear came from another student, who found it on the side of the road.  Very necessary, because LM’s skin shows marks rather easily, and any marks to face/head makes people think abuse. 

The pair of Nerf swords, Shadow and Fury, I bought at Mal Wart didn’t last long without trouble, and so, have been extra duct taped and reinforced internally to handle the strain of strong adults and kids pounding on each-other with them.  My shield was also bought at the costume shop, and recieved a layer of flexible insulation foam on back.  You would not think that waving around foam swords is a good workout, but I am positively sore the day after each battle.   My DT teacher says the average prison fight lasts 3 minutes, so we have been timing ourselves.  3 minutes is an awful long time to fight!  We are working our way up to 5 minutes.  Mommy also joins-in, but we fight sans-shield with her.  You would think me to have an advantage over Cyclingchicken or Little Man, but what they lack in strength or ability, they more than make up for in moxie.  

If you think LM is excited about all this, you are absolutely right.  He is thrilled, and cannot wait for each combat.  He is in a stage of his life where he needs more time with me, and this is a good way for him to get it.  Little Man also gets to learn swordplay, self defence, and gets a little Physical Training along the way, too.  🙂


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