Our Roosters

This is all our roosters:

This is Napoleon, our youngest, and son of our oldest, Benelli.  He is not pure Mille Fleur Duccle’, so he ends-up looking a little long and lanky.

Raven, a Sumatra bred by Luna, our nextdoor neighbor. He’s very smart, and attends to his hens well. 

Baby Boy, a Golden Duckwing Cubalaya.  Was ordered from Ideal as a BB Red, and turned-out different, so he was given to us by a friend.  He runs the show out in the big yard.  Also very attentive to his hens.  Prefers the banty hens.  Will watch over and wait for a hen laying, sometimes even getting into the box with her.

Benelli, a Mille Fleur Duccle’. Sometimes nicknamed “Paddlebritches”. He and his mate, Ducati, have been with us since the first year we had chickens three years ago.  He has been Top Rooster for most of this time, but we decided to “retire” him to the baby grow-out pen with Ducati and Cupcake, both Duccle’ hens.   Benelli is very good with the baby chicks, and a very good leader.  This arrangement makes it easier when we want to take Benelli and Ducati for outings with their harnesses and leashes. 

None of these roosters have attacked a human.  They all have been handled and loved-on a good bit since they were chicks. 


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