Airsoft Stuff

This is a video of Little Man shooting at some cans with his Thompson airsoft gun.  Notice he has to rest it on the table to shoot ;).  He’ll grow into it eventually, and be strong enough to hold it while firing.  He was using the Kalashnikov, but the trigger switch died, and cheap plastic AEG’s aren’t repair-friendly.  Last night, we went out to eat, and when we got back, I decided to shine my flashlight into the back yard because there was some old food we had placed on the compost pile.  I saw a couple shiny eyes staring back at me!  Had to be a raccoon, because just about any other critter, including our cat, would run like hell as soon as I went out the back door.  I aimed my Chopper right between the eyes and fired a short, full-auto burst.  The shiny eyes disappeared, then reappeared further back in the woods.  Couple more bursts, and it was gone.  Even though all the chickies are shut-in at night safely, I like to keep all the critters nervous about showing-up here, lest they get bold and snatch something in broad daylight.


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