Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary.  Wow! Who would have ever thought 10 years could go by so fast? We don’t have any special plans today (we normally don’t have the funds…today is no exception), but it is nice to just think about all that we have come through together. Life has been anything, but boring for us. In fact, our running joke is that when we retire we want to be bored for a change. There’s the excitement of a cross-country trip from North Carolina to Oregon on a 650 Suzuki Savage: getting a flat tire, running out of money, falling asleep on the bike due to the heat, freezing due to changing to nighttime riding, coasting several miles in order to make it to the next gas station. Then the happiness that came with the marriage proposal: coming home early, the “close your eyes and stick out your hand”, the “no, not that hand the other one”, crackling of plastic, the “will you marry me” as he slips a grape ring pop on my finger.  I can’t forget the unexpected, but highly appreciated reception thrown by our neighbors when they found out we got married: hoagies for dinner, coconut cake to cut, the 9-year-old photographer snapping away and the watching of Groundhog Day to round out the festivities. Along the way is : a miscarriage, disagreements, frustrations, loss of jobs, moving several times. Which leads to pregnancy: can’t believe it happened, the fretting and worrying (Dadabean about me), feeling kicks, getting bigger, getting lost on the way to the hospital, the fretting and worrying (Me about Little Man), Dadabean strutting like a peacock over Little Man, bringing home, taking him back ’cause of jaundice, watching him grow (still happening). More of everyday life: animals, Little Man, bills, work, blogging, knitting, riding the bikes. Which over time all leads up to today.

I never could understand when I was younger all those people who said they would never change a thing. I get it now, because despite all the upheaval and heartaches he is still my best friend and I wouldn’t change that for the world.


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