Sunday, while we were buying an axe at Ace in Woodville to deal with the tree that fell, I happened to take Little Man to go look at the chicks that were in. They didn’t have very many left, so I figured I was in no danger of actually coming home with anything. Boy was I wrong! I was doing well until we came to the bantam box. There were two littles left and they were shoved up in a corner. They looked so scared, that I decided to talk to them. I sometimes wonder just how much animals understand you, because as I said “If you would just stand up I could see whether or not you had feathers on your legs.” they stood up. Both of them had feathers and vulture hocks. There are only two breeds of Bantams that our Ace sells that have vulture hocks: Sultans and D’Uccles.  My faves are the D’Uccles and I was in luck because one was a Mille Fleur and the other was a Porcelain. Little Man got to name them. Tweetch and Carfo is what he decided. I spent a couple of days carrying them around until the new chicks arrived. They were rather attached to me and would fuss continually if I put them down. It wasn’t too much of a problem since I needed to relax from swinging an ax on Sunday.
Dadabeans turn!
All bundled up!
Wednesday had us up and anxiously waiting for the chicks to arrive. We waited patiently for our post office to call saying they had arrived. After an hour we became concerned, because they hadn’t called. Normally, you get a call before they even open to come around back and pick them up. I called them only to be told they hadn’t arrived. We normally ordered from Ideal and were used to being called on the day they shipped out. We wanted to introduce some different bloodline into our flock, so we ordered from Cackle this time. Cackle didn’t call, but they had sent an invoice stating when they would be shipped. Also on their website it said that if there were any delays in shipment they would call us. It takes 1-3 days to receive chicks depending on how close the hatchery you live. We had another day left, but we were looking forward to the babies. After the call, we went to drop Dadabean off to go to work and get groceries. Little Man and I were just getting ready to get out at Wal-Mart when Dadabean called to tell me the post office in Tallahassee called. Our chicks were there! They had arrived at the main post office too late to make the truck to the Crawfordville office. Grocery shopping was going to have to wait and away Little Man and I went to pick them up. Little Man got to hold the box on the way home and giggles and “Don’t bite my fingers” ensued from the backseat all the way home.
Now which way is the food....
possible red shouldered yokohama
maybe white yokohama or saipan jungle fowl
What we ordered was a Special Exotic Island Fowl assortment, straight-run.  That could include Cubalayas, Phoenix, Saipans, Sumatras, Yokohamas, and Red Jungle Fowl. Unfortunately, some of the chicks didn’t make it on the trip here. We had 3 dead in the box and 2 more die later that evening. Something we noticed is that although we lost 5 chicks we had about 27 left. We only ordered 25. It was a pleasant surprise and we will be ordering more chicks from them in the coming years. Now we just need to come up with 27 more names…..

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