Friday, we went to our neighbor’s camp in Sopchoppy to hang-out with them, and ended-up staying the night.  After canoeing, riding 4-wheelers, sitting around the campfire late into the night, and sleeping in a tent under a pile of warm blankets, we came home Saturday worn-out and decided to all take baths and a nap.  A sound like a car wreck woke us up, and this is what we saw in the back yard:

A tree in the back yard beyond the fence had fallen toward the house!  It was hollow, and had finally rotted-away at the base and fallen under the weight of all the vines on it. The tree crushed Little Man’s playhouse and upturned a set of nesting boxes that had been pushed up against it.   This is why we are glad we went camping Friday, because normally, we would’ve had LM playing in the backyard on a Saturday, and he loves his playhouse!   Thank God we went camping!The neighbors we went camping with, the C’s, came over with a chainsaw and helped us cut up the tree and put up new fenceposts so that we could bend the fence back in shape and get it back up.  Thankfully, the birds were still leery of that area because of the tree falling, so they did not go beyond the downed fence. 


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