New Chicken House For The Littles

After completing a new pen to hold Benelli and his hens plus mommy hens and chicks, I knew that I would have to build a new chicken house for them.  I started this at 10:00 AM and completed it by 5:00 PM. I needed something that was large enough for 4-6 adult birds, yet have floor space for many little-ones, and it had to be secure enough to keep out all nightime predators, including snakes.This is my Little Helper.   Mommy was taking a friend to the grocery store, so Little Man stepped-in and was very useful.  I used a pallet and some lumber left over from my other projects, and took apart our airsoft bb trap to get the solid pieces for the walls and roof.Whenever I have a new project, I always seem to find hinges from another project.  I made a very large cleanout door.  You cannot see it because of the dark, but I have ladder-type perch for the adults.  I also set-up a heat lamp in one corner and covered the floor with hay.Here is the finished product, showing the front with ramp to the sliding front door.  Spoiled chickies!


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