Going Camping

Our neighbors earlier this week invited us to camping with them. The kids are out for Spring Break this week, so everyone is either camping or going to the beach. We had to wait until now to take up the offer since Dadabean had to work. The guys are going down tonight and I will join them tomorrow afternoon. I would be going with them but I already promised to take a friend grocery shopping, before they invited us. 😐 There is going to be fishing, swimming, lots of kids for Little Man to play with and sleeping under the stars.  There is a small cabin with electricity, so we are not completely roughing it.  It will be good to get out though since we have been under a lot of stress lately due to only having a part-time job since last July. I never thought it would get to the point where I couldn’t even get a fast food job. We are not completely out of options. We are looking in to sending Dadabean to school to become a corrections officer. The jail is always looking to hire and we were told he was guaranteed a job once he graduated. He can use his GI Bill which will pay for the class and all he needs plus a housing allowance. It will help us get through December. 

The new baby pen is nice and I have been able to sit out a hold Ducati for awhile these past few days. She comes and pulls on my pant leg when she wants to be picked up. I take her little fleece blanket out with me in the morning for her to snuggle down in. She will be 3 in June and she is starting to spend more time resting. She will spend about an half-hour snuggled in my lap. Benelli likes to be held, but not where everyone else can see. He has a reputation as top rooster to maintain. He is not so sure about the blanket though and I think he gets a little jealous of Ducati, because he spends most of the time trying to lure her off my lap as well as giving the blanket the evil eye. With the arrival of Spring comes the songbirds or as Little Man calls them Tweety Birds (he used to call them the birds that could fly). Two little wrens are making a nest in a pallet that has been used to house chickens as well as a roof to a feed shelter. We used to use feeders, until we discovered putting it on the ground gave all the chickens a better chance at getting enough to eat.  We no longer have the feeder, but we kept the shelter up as a place they can go when it gets too rainy.  They use the shelter as a place to dust bathe now. It has nice soft sandy soil and it is fun to watch them get to going. The cardinals are forever being chased away by Little Bit ( she is a bantam modern game pullet). She flares up those neck feathers, puts her head down and charges after them until they fly away. Poor thing, just as soon as she gets one set gone another set lands. It is hilarious to watch. We are waiting (impatiently) for Tutu’s batch to hatch….it should be within the next couple of days.

I am close to completing the rooster hat I am working on for Dadabean. It is turning out nicely, but it is slow going, because of it being colorwork. I am new to this technique, so I have not been able to have much speed. I had to tink back a row due to the fact that I had forgotten to change colors on a couple of stitches. Luckily, I caught my mistake early. I am glad my first project wasn’t a vest or a sweater….it would take me forever to get done. After that I have to finish Luna’s socks and then make a couple of butterflies for a neighbor’s grandbaby. Now how to get more yarn….


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