"where's the heat lamp?"

This is Aramis, a Jumbo Pearl Guinea keet.  I finally convinced Cyclingchicken to let me have a guinea; ONE guinea.  Used-to have a couple when I was younger, but don’t remember much about them except the noise.  We had a dog that loved to chase them, and kept them up in the trees fussing all day.  I think eventually they either died or migrated to some other property.  Aramis is being raised by two of Napoleon’s youngsters, Sorry(Ameraucana/?) and Trouble(Production Red/Cubalaya).  Aramis has two companions, Athos and Porthos, who came from a bantam assortment at Ace Hardware.  We are very friendly, especially when we are cold and want to warm-up.  I had to catch us today to remove pasty feces from our rear-end, so we are warming up in a towel in the crook of my arm as I type this:

"ahhh, nice and warm!"

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