Knitting Pics

I was looking back at past posts to see the last project I was working on when I stopped being able to put up pics. The date was in 2009 and it was Dadabean’s sweater I was working on. Wow! That was a long time ago and I didn’t even put a finish product up. I did finally finish it and he loves wearing it while we are out and about on the bicycles. Needless to say with those color combinations, you can see him from a mile away. I have since learned about different types of needles to use, different yarn (have used some truly scrumptious yarn), and different projects. I have bought books and even was able to take a couple of classes at a yarn shop in Tallahassee called Really Knit Stuff. I really enjoyed the fix your mistakes class, considering it has saved me many a tears and frustrations. I have also found a cool place called Ravelry where I get a lot of my patterns. I am on a pretty tight budget and I like to use the more expensive yarns to knit which leaves me with little in the way to buy books and patterns. Ravelry has tons of free patterns to choose from and I can normally find something that appeals to me or resembles what I like. (Please forgive my picture taking skills. We are using the computer as a camera right now and it is awkward and has no flash. You have two choices: lay the item down flat or hold it up in front of the computer. I would rather not be the background, so I cleared off the counter top. Without a flash, though, some of my pics didn’t turn out that great and since the computer is heavy and bulky in my short arms, the pics are taken at odd angles. One of these days will get a normally camera.)

new skill: knitting in the round

 After completing Dadabean’s sweater I decided to tackle making socks for him. In fact, socks were the whole reason I started knitting in the first place. I love my hubby dearly, so please don’t take this the wrong way, but his feet are atrocious smelling after a long day. Synthetic fibers hold stink better than a dump and he has to wash his feet when he gets home. We did discover that wool socks don’t hold smell and wick away sweat, keeping his feet cool and dry. Wool socks bought at a store are either $16 a pair or contain acrylic. Hmmm way expensive or gonna stink anyway…not a good choice either way. Oh and wool socks only seem to apear around fall.  I discovered that I could make socks for less than $16 and still pick some of the nicer yarns and so I started out on learning how to knit in the round. I graduated from straight needles to double pointed needles or dpns. I like dpns for small projects. It does take some getting used to and it can be hard to keep some of the stitches on the needles. I did a lot of dropped stitches when I first started out. I used my dpns for several pairs of socks and then discovered circular needles, less dropped stitches and depending on the stitch used, I am slightly faster. I don’t like how the circulars get tangled up, but I have yet to learn the Magic Loop which requires only one needle. The socks pictured are what is left of the sock attempt. The first socks my husband loved and wore to pieces. These ones shrank and now are Little Man’s pj socks. The look like little boots when he wears them. I am taking a break from the sock business until I learn a little bit more about guage and not shrinking socks.

left: Dadabean's, right: Cyclingchicken's, top: Little Man's

My next attempt was fingerless gloves. These were made so that I could still knit in the winter time. We keep our house fairly cool (we look like we are ready to roll out the door at any minute) during the winter to save on heating costs as well as to keep from getting sick. One downfall to this is that if my wrist get cold they lock up. I then cannot move my hands, which would put a damper on knitting. Normal gloves wouldn’t work due to the fact I use metal needles and needed to be able to grip well. I found this pattern on Ravelry. It was an easy knit, plus I was able to try out some new yarn, as well as, use up yarn sitting in my stash. I didn’t have enough left of either color to make one pair, so Little Man’s were made from both type of yarn. Dadabean’s was gnawed on by a moth, but he was able to goop the holes and still uses them. I now keep all my stuff not in use packed away after finding much of my projects chewed on. Unfortunately, some had to be tossed due the fact I just couldn’t fix them. Moths have hereby been banned from my house.

playing around with new techniques

Here I tried my hand at different styles. The ones with the ribbon are of course mine, which I made shorter than what the pattern called for. I had gotten the cashmere for Christmas and spent a good deal of time trying to decide what to knit. I had made a neat hat that matched, but it was eaten to a nonfixable condition. We use the hat to keep baby chicks warm. The convertible gloves are Dadabean’s. It was my first try at colorwork. I did ok, although I knitted them too tight and had to go back and clip some yarn on the inside to loosen them. They are also too long, since I am stubborn and didn’t want to figure out the correct guage. The last ones were originally for me ( I got the pattern out of a magazine)  and used cables and twisted stitches. I liked making them, but I have tiny hands and they look so much better on hubby, so he gained another pair of gloves.

for the guys

Brainmonster hats are all the rage with young and old monsters alike. The only thing I did different was to add horns. My guys didn’t think it was complete until there were horns attached. Dadabean’s is on the left and they make quite the pair (causing heads to turn, whisperings, smiles and giggles) walking around with the matching hoodies I made. Hmm must remember to get a pic of that.

for me

I on the other hand, prefer slouch hats and fish. Unfortunately, my pom pom skills need improving, they are very sad looking poms (even with a pom pom maker). I guess I am just going to have to practice. I really like my fish hat, which I used remaining yarn from my stash to make it. I was in need of new yarn, but  it is hard to convince hubby when I have a basketful of small skeins. After making it, I was able to give the pitiful me look and whimper about needing more yarn.

toys for little man

Along the way of making everything else, I tried my hand at knitting toys. I love knitting toys!!! They are pretty simple and require very little time. Little Man loves bugs and monsters. I found the ants in a book called Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh. The Grumpasaurus over at Ravelry. The grumpies are a little bit more special due to the fact they are made from the sleeves of the first sweater I knitted for Little Man. It is amazing at how fast a child can grow. He loved his sweater and was not willing to donate it, so I took the sleeves apart and knitted the toys with them. He doesn’t carry them around like he used to, but he will not give them up. Guess that means he still likes them a lot.

Well that is all the pics for now. More pics coming soon….


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