Home Alone

Dadabean decided to take Little Man to work with him today.  He works as a maintenance man at an apartment complex, so every so often he drags youngster with him. Little Man has a lot of fun and Daddy teaches him all sorts of cool stuff like changing filters, fixing a clogged pipe and planting flowers. I also enjoy a little time to myself and can get a whole lot done that normally would be put on hold. It is mostly housework, but I do get to work on some knitting projects. In fact today I am going to try to complete hubby’s rooster hat. I will post pics soon of my knitting.  I also get to kick my feet up and finish something for a change. My guys have great timing and seem to need something right when I get settled down.

The only downfall to this is that once my chores are done, the quiet sets in. You see, my guys are noisy. There is always some kind of sound coming from wherever they are. Little Man has a wide range of what I call boy noises…gun sounds, crashing sounds, engine sounds, etc. I also get to hear the “Mama! Look what I found!” (normally some kind of bug) or “Mama! I’m hungry!”(about every 30 minutes), and similar such phrases all day. Add in hubby’s banging doors, cabinets and yelling for me when he can’t find something, it can be quite loud. Oh and I almost forgot their made up songs which are sung at the top of their lungs (and off key). You would think then that I would enjoy the quiet.  I try to enjoy it, but after a few minutes of them gone, on goes the stereo (up loud I might add). Unfortunately, that only lasts for a couple of hours and I turn it off. It doesn’t really work, because the music coming from the speakers just isn’t the same as the music my guys make as the stomp around the house.

 Only 4 more hours to go….


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