Update Pics of our Bikes

I had posted this earlier, and did not like the size or clarity of the pictures, so here is the reposting:I took the milkcrate panniers off, because they were too cumbersome.  I seemed to always be running into something with them, and it was hard to swing a leg over the bike.  I also found I didn’t carry as much cargo as I originally thought I would.Recently, Little Man and I did a good cleaning and lubing to all the bicycles, then all of us rode up to Ace Hardware, a favorite hangout for us, especially during chick days.  They didn’t have anything we wanted poultrywize, but we did pick-up a Wald front basket for the Beauty.  Cyclingchicken is very particular about what goes on her ride, so it has taken a long time to convince her that a basket would be a good accessory.I installed the basket on mommy’s bike in front of the store. She thought a basket would affect handling, but it didn’t significantly do so.  Notice the clean frog horn .  It had been collecting mildew, so I took it off and bleached it.This bike, I rescued from the landfill long before Little Man was able to ride it. Only thing wrong with it was a bent rear wheel, which I straightened with some judicious spoke tightening.  After we finally gave up on a secure mounting for the trail-a-bike, I began working with LM to get him riding this bike.  It’s a little heavy and unwieldly for him, but he’s doing alright.  I wish we had something lighter and simpler for him, without the suspension and gears, but this will do for now.  The visibility flag was purchased same day as the front basket for Mommy’ s bike.


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