Dinner Run

Today was the second day that Little Man and I went to go buy groceries for dinner. I know that doesn’ t sound like much, but it was just us on the bikes without Dadabean to guide us. I have Little Man leading, so that I can watch what is going on behind us (that bicycle mirror is so nice) and in front of us as well. I can also give him verbal guidance as we go along such as stay to the side of the road, keep pedaling and turn left or right. Our biggest problem is stopping since he tends to fall over due to not putting his feet down. I know it has to be hard seeings how he has to remember to use both handbrakes, stop with pedals in correct position, stop at the correct place.  The reason for the pedal location is that he has an even harder time getting up to speed. Since we have to go out on some busy roads, we need him to pick up speed as quickly as possible. If he can stop with the pedals in the correct position and he doesn’t fall over, he can get going easier. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a bicycle friendly town, in fact, most people here would just rather run you over and be done with it.

 Yesterday, we spent a good deal of time falling over and I got to thinking that there had to be a better route to take which didn’t require so many stops. We live in a circle with two exits and I had him taking a left out of our drive way, which put us in the path of two stops before we even exited the neighborhood. Today I had him take a right instead, which cut out those stops and we had a much easier time. As far as the starting off, that is just going to take a whole lot of practice and riding to build up those little leg muscles. When we stopped riding everywhere he pretty much stopped riding his bike. I don’t know if he lost interest or if he thought it was supposed to be a family thing.

We are really enjoying the going to get dinner stuff in the morning. He likes to push the cart and put stuff in the basket. Yesterday we went to get turkey lunch meat and corn on the cob (Little Man chose dinner). We were in the freezer aisle picking up the corn on the cob and I gave him a package of 6 minis. He put it in the basket and asked if I was gonna get a package for myself. I had a good chuckle and explained to him that he was not eating 6 mini cobs for dinner. Today we picked up the fixings for spaghetti (my choice). He helped scan the items at the self checkout. I have to keep him away from the bagging area, because he always trips the scale and the register keeps telling me to remove the unscanned item.


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