Dola and her babies

“Okay, I like you and all, but I have some babies to attend-to…”

This is Dola.  She is a Silkie/Phoenix pullet we hatched from an egg our next door neighbor, Luna, gave to us.  Something we have learned about chicks, is that they do much better with a mommy.  It is hit-and-miss trying to get adult birds to adopt baby chicks, but young pullets and cocks not old enough to breed seem to do so willingly.  In fact, Dola was raised by a Modern Game named Little Bit, who is now much smaller than her. 

“Could you hurry-up, I’m missing some important ground pecking…”

We have given 5 ameraucana chicks to Dola to raise, and she is doing wonderfully, so well we did not need a heat lamp for them.  This is Batty, the one Little Man named, after a character in Fern Gully.

“I’m SO wanting to run…”

Feisty Firecracker is very energetic, and gets in trouble often.

“What is this THING you are pointing me at?!”

This is Aziza.  She belongs to Luna, but her sibling died and none of Luna’s birds were willing to adopt her.  She will be going next-door when she gets a little older. 

There are three other chicks, but they were too hard to catch to take a piccie of:)

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