We’re Back!

Wow can’t believe it has been almost a year since the last entry. We are such slackers! Not really, a lot has changed since that time. At the end of June in 2010 Dadabean lost his job. Thankfully after a month he was at least able to find a part-time job. We have been through a roller coaster ride of emotions due to thinking we might have a job and finding out it is not happening. We are still looking and it seems that we just might have a promising prospect in our future.  Fingers crossed that this will lead to somewhere.

 Another thing we have learned is that the ideas we romantize in our head are not as glamourous in real life. We thought we could totally do it car free. What a great way to save gas, lose some weight and make a statement. Well you still have to pay for fuel, but instead of going in the tank of a car it goes in your stomach.  Of course now that we were biking several miles a day, we’d eat like pigs. We learned that eating healthy was expensive and didn’t satisfy our hunger. There went the savings and if we ate unhealthy, there went the weight loss.

 Now that does not mean we have given up the bikes, we just have a car to help out. We did take a short hiatus from the bikes due to the stress of no full- time work. The break helped us realize just how much we enjoy them and now we take the bikes out almost everyday to the grocery store (a little less than a mile away) to pick up dinner. Little man has grown, so he is on his own bike instead of the trail-a-bike. We can’t go as far because of it, but we are getting to take the road less traveled due to avoiding traffic. It is a new experience and I am having to change my attitude. I am one that goes the straightest and quickest way to where I need to be despite the many cars that want to squash me. Little man on the other hand does not have the skills to do that and I need to find ways to keep him safe while he learns how to manuever as part of traffic. Dadabean is full of safe, different ways to get around. He is slowly showing us all the little paths we can take. I don’t think it will be long before we have it down pat.

I will be posting about our chicken adventures in the next post.


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