Been Awhile

OK we are still kicking, just been a long time since I have been able to blog.  Lots of things been going on so I am gonna have to try to get everyone updated.

Bicycling: Ok the last time I was on we had just gotten our little car. It runs great and we use it to do all the long distances and for the bad weather. Otherwise we still use the bicycles. I still love my bike and I think I enjoy it more now that I don’t have to rely on it so much for transportation. Hubby still rides his to work everyday. Little man has grown and has a bike that looks like a motorcycle.

Family: Hubby is still mowing for the county, but is chomping at the bit, because the mowing season hasn’t started yet. He has been doing little things like picking up trash and weed eating to keep him busy. Little man has decided to grow about 8 inches in 3 months. He is still my little gap tooth wonder with having 4 of his top teeth out.  He is learning to read, his writing is improving and he is also learning to tell time. I am trying to get to a healthier weight. It is slowly happening, but I am already starting to see some benefits, such as not being so tired. Also hubby and I just celebrated 9 years of marriage. We originally planned to go to dinner, but that fell by the wayside, so he planned a surprise for me. He got me flowers and had the next door neighbor’s daughter make me a cake. I was so tickled. We also rented Where The Wild Things Are.

Chickens: There has been so many changes with the chickens. They now have run of the backyard. Unfortunately, while we were away for Christmas the hawks got 4 of our banty hens. Luckily, the neighbor who was feeding the chickens locked Benelli, Ducati and Aprilia in a brooder, so they were not taken. They plus 7up, Ginger Ale, Mug, Henvee, and Stormy now live in an enclosed pen. Hubby strung up fishing line which seems to be deterring the hawks from coming down.

Well I gotta go…more updates next time


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