Visiting Bee Bee and Paw Paw

Family: We’ve have been getting used to our new arrangement of taking and picking up my friend’s little girl from school. It is actually working out well and little man is smitten with her…the feeling is mutual at her end too.  I have been working at losing some weight and inches to help with my hernia. I had to raise my headboard 4 inches and take a muscle relaxer at night, but am feeling much better. Sunday dadabean’s mom is coming to take little man back to Alabama for a 1-2 week visit. As little man has never been away from us more than a couple days we are at loss as to how to deal with this. I am sure he will have a blast and the grandparents are excited, but we are anxious at this end. We have not told little man…he would worry us to death about it, so he will be pleasantly surprised when she pulls in the driveway. We are enjoying our little car and so far are sharing it quite well with each other. I can make a whole tank of gas last a month, since I don’t really go that many places.

Bicycles: Saturday we are going to take some of the forest roads on the bicycles. I have been itching to do some riding and if we can take it easy it won’t bother me much. Little man is now able to push off by himself on his bike, so hubby is planning to take him to some trails when he gets back from his visit to grandparents. We are trying to teach the little girl how to ride without training wheels, unfortunately it has been raining so we have only gotten one day at it, but she was doing rather well and enjoying it.

Chickens: Salt, a golden neck polish, game mix has taken Dipsticks place in the rooster we keep. Salt has a better disposition and doesn’t mind being handled. Dipstick is also getting a little too rough with the hens and pullets. Pepsi has hatched out 3 babies, Neva (who is a George baby), Sara, and Stinker (who is a Zanzibar baby). We are excited because we have been wanting a Zanzy baby for a while now. As Sara gets older we will be able to tell who she is from. Neva came from a big egg and is the color George was as a baby. Stinker has five toes like Zanzy.

Knitting: I have completed one of hubby’s socks and am halfway through the cuff on the second. I am using double pointed needles and am getting quite a good handle at them. I will be doing a lot of knitting with little man gone, so I should be able to finish the sock and hubby’s hoodie that I put down in frustration. With exercising more, I am more tired and weak, so I haven’t been able to do much knitting. I am getting more energy, so I will probably be able to actually do some today.

Well that is all for now, hope everyone is doing well.


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