Still Alive!

Hi, it’s me.  I kinda’ have a problem with a blog having writing and no pictures, so I have been staying away.  Wifey updates from time-to-time.  Perhaps, when we get a new cellphone, we can get a camera phone and start uploading to the blog again.  Wifey is visiting a friend today, helping her pull-up carpet, so I am on the friend’s computer.  I have today off. 

I think I mentioned before that I run a tractor mowing roadsides for our county.  Well, they bought me a new tractor and mower, then hired another worker to operate the old tractor.  Now, I am able to get alot more done.  With the amount of rain we have recieved this season, I am not able to keep-up with the grass growth by myself.  The new tractor is sooo nice!  Smooth, powerful, and electronic shifting, what would be called paddleshift on a car.  I can use the clutch pedal if I want, but I only use it to start the engine anymore.  After so many stressful, aggravating, low-paying jobs since I left the Coast Guard, it’s nice to be spoiled and drive in an air-conditioned cab all day, not being bothered by anybody.  I have much to be thankful to God for!

The week off from riding that Wifey mentioned was actually a month, and I really got lazy!  I walked back and forth to work, but rode the scooter everywhere else.  Now, riding farther than a mile is difficult, especially in this heat and humidity.  We are supposed to spend the 4th with Wifey’s friend, so I have asked her if we can ride over.  Normally, her friend picks us up.  It’s about 4 miles away.  I am also working on a ride of moderate length for Sunday.  The new Schwalbe Marathon tyre is very nice, smoother than the Cheng Shin that was on there.  Even though it has an aramid belt, I added the tyre liner from the other tyre for extra insurance.  The Schwalbe tube is much thicker and feels more quality made than the Chinese ones I have dealth with lately.  Why is it that only Schwalbe makes a kevlar-belted tyre to fit rod-brake roadsters and dutch bikes?  I have e-mailed other companies to ask such a question, with no answer. 

Wifey pretty-much covered things with the chickies, except that we have several free-rangers in the back yard now.  Someone at work gave me a fighting-bred rooster because it crowed too much.  He looked like he was going to kill Blue Man and Benelli, so we put the new rooster, named Ruckus, out in the back yard.  We gave him two females, Nutmeg and Toffee, to keep him busy.  The fellow settled right down to protecting and leading around his two buff orpington wives and looks to be a really good, mostly quiet rooster.  We put up some fence on the side of the house so our new “tick patrol” can’t get into the front yard.  Tal can go out and play with no problem.  In fact, Ruckus actually keeps an eye on Tal to make sure he’s safe.  We have a dog carrier that the free-rangers go into at night for safety.  They wait on top of the carrier in the evening for us to come tuck them in.  To start with, they left their eggs where we could find them, but now hide them back in the woods.  Nutmeg has come-up missing, so we are pretty-sure she is sitting on eggs.  However, just-in-case, we put out a phoenix female, Goose, to replace her for the time being.  If Nutmeg comes out of the bush with little ones in tow, I will probably catch her and chicks to put in a brooder for awhile, anyway. 

Other than that, we have a blue Duccle’ rooster named Orion, given to us because he has a crooked lower beak.  He has a hard time eating normally, so we sometimes help him by taking him inside and putting him in the feed sack until his crop is full.  Orion is quickly becoming spoiled and very tame!  He is as tall as a soda can, and if he is still growing, it’s very slow. 

Well, I guess that’s all for now.


One thought on “Still Alive!

  1. Hey, good to hear you’re still around. I’ve been pretty lazy about blogging this summer, too, and this is the first time I’ve checked in for a while. Just wanted to say that I’m still here if you are!

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