It’s hot!

Ok I have now switched to riding to the library in the evenings now, so that I can leave little man at home with daddy. Which means I have only 2 days that I can come, Tuesday and Thursday. The heat index is reaching to around 110 and up, so it is best he stays home. The heat wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so blessed humid, but one good thing about the heat is I burn more calories while riding.

Chickens:  We have had some hawks hanging around our house since they discovered they could pick off the neighbor’s chickens (got two of her babies ’til she figured it out). Hubby and I have to remember to bring the pellet guns out when we give the chickies their scratch. The hawks tend to come for a small time in the morning and in the evening. Luckily, we haven’t loss any of our chickens to them. We now have over 70 chickens…you would think we would get this addiction under control…. 😛 Most of those will be butchered due to the fact they are baby roosters. We have had a lot of babies given to us as well as a few of our own being hatched out. George (who’s baby Buffy ate) is now the proud mama of 3 silkie mixes our neighbor gave us to hatch. Dandy (who decided she didn’t like hubby’s tone of voice and flew at him) has a beautiful grey baby. We believe the baby is a blue cochin. Little man lost another tooth (3 so far) and got another chick and recieved a free one from the lady at the store when she heard about our tradition.

Bicycles:  Despite the heat I have picked up my riding. I have been slacking and am noticing the effects of being a bum. Hubby got a Schwalbe tire for his bike. He had been out of commission for over a week due to a flat tire. Little man got his new bike for his birthday and loves riding it when he can. He is a little short and needs help starting off, but once he is let loose he does wonderfully. His bike can go on dirt trails, so hubby is going to attach the trailer to his bike and strap little man’s bike to it and take him on some trails.

Knitting:  I gotten to the edging part of hubby’s hood and have taken a break. It is giving me fits, plus I need to work on some Christmas gifts. I can’t believe it is already the middle of June. I still have to order more stuff for other gifts. Fingers cross that I get everything done.  

If all goes well I will be able to come and devote an hour to the blog. But for now, time to go battle the heat.


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