Lost Tooth Club

It is official little man is now part of the Lost Tooth Club. Little man has had a loose tooth for a couple of months now and actually he has about 5 in various stages of looseness. It seems he is going to loose teeth the way he got them in…a lot at one time. Unfortunately, he doesn’t teeth well and it causes him a lot of pain. Monday he didn’t want to get up and eat. My little man is just that little and not eating is not a good thing for him. I checked to make sure he wasn’t sick and discovered the culprit was his tooth. I gave him a teether to bite on and he wouldn’t even bite with the area of the loose tooth. So that meant that I would be pulling the tooth out for him. He asked if it would hurt and I said that it would, but I told him some pain now was better for him in the long run, because once the tooth came out he would have relief.  Now when I was little and I discovered a loose tooth within a day or two I had it pulled, whether it was ready or not, so I had plenty of practice. So for the next hour whining,crying, wiggling, pulling, breathing (to help calm us), chewing on the teether, and various oohs and let me look at it ensued. Finally, with one small upwards tug out it came. Little man instantly felt better and was ready to eat. We placed his tooth in a small bottle and wrote his name on it. He then went to Ace with daddy and picked out a new chick. It is a clean legged banty that he named Henvee. He is so cute with his first gap and is just thrilled with having lost the tooth. I am leaving the others alone, as long as they don’t interfere with him eating. So far he seems to be doing well.


2 thoughts on “Lost Tooth Club

  1. How exciting about the tooth. It’s like a milestone at this age, isn’t it? Not a real milestone since there isn’t anything to make it happen, but you know what I mean, I hope. A rite of passage maybe? 🙂

    I mean it sucks that it hurt him and it doesn’t sound like it was fun to pull the tooth, but having a gap is just so COOL. 🙂 And getting a chick is a really neat idea.

  2. He is so thrilled with his gap and we had to pull a second one out. He shows anyone who will look his missing teeth. He picked out an Ameruacana rooster and named it Chewy.

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