Busy, Busy, Busy

You would think by not spending time on the computer- except at the library- that I would have hours of free time. Not happening. I have been on the go all this week…visiting the library twice. So here is the run down at our place.

Bicycles-Hubby got a flat on our way to Wal-Mart during the weekend. He turned around and then used the scoot to finish shopping with us. It turns out that the slime patch didn’t do its job. This got us talking about alternatives to flat tires and has us seriously considering foam inserts. We found a place online that has our size and we can get them in a lot of different colors. The down side is that the minimum order is $200 dollars which equals 20 tires. Still in the decision process…Ups is that we would have spares when the tire eventually wore out, I could have green tires to match all my frog stuff-he would choose red, and it would mean no more flats. Downs is that is a lot of money to save up and where do you put 16 extra tires?

Chickens-Girls are still sitting tight on the eggs. I get to candle them tonight. We ran out of our natural de-wormer, so we had to give the chickens some that we had bought. This meant we couldn’t eat the eggs for a week and I left the eggs for a couple of days. It enticed a couple more hens to go broody, but we broke them up do to the fact we have no way to protect them out in the open. Great thing is that today we can start collecting the eggs again. I ordered the natural de-wormer again and we should be getting it soon. The baby chicks are growing so fast and Snowflake has become such as sweetie sitting on our laps. She is becoming long and lanky and we think she might be a modern. I told hubby that if she is we are renaming her Thoroughly Modern Millie. He laughed. We went out the other evening and didn’t get back until dark. To our pleasant surprise the last of the babies finally put themselves to bed. Yeah.

Knitting-I am about half-way through the front side. With all my running (I should say riding) around I haven’t had much time to knit. Although, I did take some time yesterday to work on it. I am printing out the pattern since I can no longer just look it up. I will also be printing out some other patterns that I will start on when I am finished.

Kittens-Are growing like little weeds and can walk around pretty well now. They come and attack feet when we come in the storeroom. Coon is long-haired and has wide feet. We are going to fix and keep everyone. I am looking into options, but it looks like it will be one a month, starting with mama. It won’t be much longer and they will be eating kitten food.

Well my time is running out…more next week.


3 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. I’m missing your more frequent updates, but I totally understand about the computer problems and the fact that you are just so busy!

    I hope you figure something out about the flat tires.

    I think it’s great you are keeping all the kittens. I saw some at a pet store yesterday that were soooo little and one was crying and it made me very sad. Not that that has anything to do with you keeping your kittens or not. hahaha! We’re going to try to keep all of ours, too, but we need to get at least the females fixed. I wanted to get them all fixed, but that was when we had 4. Now we have 14, so it will just have to be the girls I think!

  2. LOL-that is a lotta kitties. Try asking around, there was a place in Virginia that helped to spay and neuter cats based on income. We were able to get 4 cats done for under $100. One of these days I will get to the point where I can make it to the library more than once a week. Then I can make one day for the blog alone instead of everything else, too. Also I miss reading everyone’s blogs. One hour is not enough time. 😦

  3. Fortunately, our income is high enough that we wouldn’t qualify. I say fortunately because in this economy I certainly don’t want to complain. But it is prohibitively expensive to get that many cats spayed and neutered. The only way we can think of to do it is to have Tim claim they are all his cats. I am pretty sure he would qualify so as soon as the mamas are done nursing their babies, off they go to get fixed. Then as the kittens get old enough, we will get them taken care of, too. I’m not sure how many are girls and how many are boys at the moment. I’m hoping for more boys than girls, obviously! 🙂

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