Still here

OK our computer went kaput on us, so that means weekly trips to the library for a long while. We are still undecided if we are going to get another computer or just travel ourselves to the library (5 miles away) once a week. Upside of no computer is less electricity draw, more time with family, no Internet bill and more bike time. The down side is that no pics on the blog for awhile and no convenient pop onto computer when we have a question or want to research something. As I don’t have much time today I will just give a quick run down on things at our end.

Chickens….We almost have all the babies introduced out into the big flock. We have 4 more which we will be adding this Sunday. We completed the new brooder, but I lost all my pics when the computer died. It has 2 separate sides, so that 2 hens can go broody now. Ginger Ale and Buffy have decided to give each side a try. Ginger the banty is on the larger side sitting on 8 eggs and Buffy the standard orpington is on the small side sitting on 5 eggs. Go figures. The babies are to beginning hatching on the 18th of May.  Unfortunately, Ban didn’t work out and we had to butcher him. Moppett has a new home with a family that is absolutely smitten with him.

Bicycles….We have been riding more here lately and are enjoying our new trip computers. We compare what distance we thought we had with the distance actually done and are surprised. There are some we thought we went longer and was actually shorter. There are some that we thought were shorter and are actually the same distance or longer. Now our plan is to go back over all the trips we have done and remeasure them. Little man is getting taller and hubby had to adjust his seat higher on his bicycle. Little man has even ridden on his bicycle to the park with us. He is doing really well.

Knitting…I am on the second strip of the front side of hubby’s hoodie and working steadily. It is going much faster this time. I should have the front side completed in the next week. I have been drooling over knitting catalogs and have a few of my next projects planned out.

Our kittens have their eyes open and are toddling about. Little man’s loose tooth is getting closer to being pulled. Not much else at the moment. See ya’ll next week.


2 thoughts on “Still here

  1. Well, I must admit I envy you your freedom from the Internet, if not the way it occurred. I spend entirely too much time online. Hope you can keep posting on a weekly basis from the library. Five miles isn’t so bad.

  2. Well my goal is once a week and if I can get hubby to get down here maybe he can do a few posts. 5 miles isn’t bad, although it is a lot easier when I am not hauling little man with me. Bright side is more mileage which means more stamina. 🙂

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