Hippy is doing wonderful and is making great strides to being normal again.


eating-2Here are pictures from last night. She is eating mash out of a baby food jar. She had been in a box in the house until the evening time. We were using the light from the brooder while the others were outside in the chicken tractor. As we only have one light at this time, I went to ask my neighbor if I could borrow one of hers. While I was away hubby went to get the light setup in the brooder and as he took the light of the box Hippy got up and started running around and flapping her wings. He decided to move her into the brooder with the other chicks, so I didn’t borrow the light. I was a little skeptical a first, but by last night she was eating the mash and chirping. This morning hubby gave her some more before work and when I went to feed her an hour ago she plainly told me that she didn’t need the mash any more and was eating with everyone else. She had one eye closed and is slowly opening it. Yeah!!!! She is going to make it!!!


3 thoughts on “Rallying

  1. Yah, go Hippy! That is great news. It reminds me of when i helped Daisy out of her shell and her foot was all buckled up, i thought she was a gonner but next morning she was standing proud. Well done mummy hen

  2. What was great was listening to her make little happy peeps while gorging on wet chick mash. I eventually perched her on the edge of the brooder to eat and she did real well. What a little survivor!

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