Four More Chicks Introduced

sleeping-in-the-big-house1If you didn’t already know, we have two chicken houses.  The large one is made on two full-size pallets and has a half-pallet front porch, while the small one is two half-pallets with a second level and no porch.  The small house is getting crowded, so we had to introduce these littles in the big house.  I put a straw pad from a planter on the wire floor to keep them safe and comfy while they grow comfortable enough to perch.  

From left to right: Bling (Sumatra/Silkie), Dippy (Golden Phoenix/Cubalaya), Poof (Standard Cochin), Skippy (Golden Phoenix/Cubalaya).  We still have to gather them up and put them in the house at night, but it’s fairly easy, as they usually call to us and gather in what we term as the “begging corner” next to the back door of the house.  Hippy was put out with them, too, but met with a head injury and collapse, and will need more time to recover before she is reintroduced.


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