Today when Hubby came home from work, I went out to visit with the chickens again. I had been out earlier this morning to give them some scratch and a loaf of bread. They are low on feed and payday is tomorrow, so I have been feeding them loaves of bread to help fill them up. They are eating a lot more now since they are molting and still laying a good bit of eggs a day. I was sitting on the milk crate just watching them and noticed that one of the hens was pecking at something on the ground. I went in for a closer look and saw that it was one of the babies that we had put out. It was the one little man named Hippy (although we have been mistakenly calling it Pippy). I picked up and noticed that she was still alive, so I brought her inside and proceeded to get her set up in a cardboard box with a heating pad on the bottom and the brooder light attached at the top.

in-the-boxShe couldn’t hold her head up, was very cold and her crop was empty. I made her some water mixed with cane syrup. I am feeding it to her by using the medicine syringes that the pharmacist always give you when you get liquid medicine for a child.

pippyHere she has rallied a little bit. She can somewhat hold her head up and will lightly grip my finger with her feet. She has opened her eyes a couple of times and if I move her when she doesn’t want to be moved she makes a few peeps. My neighbor came to visit and while she was here we moved the light closer and I fed her again. She began to beat her wings and stretch, but so far nothing more since then. I am hoping she will continue to get better. I don’t know what happen to her, so it is hard to fix the problem. Right now the best I can do for her is continue to let her rest and feed her. Fingers crossed that she makes it. 😦


3 thoughts on “Hippy

  1. Oh i really hope that hippy/pippy pulls through. Cant animals be cruel. I’m sure with lots of love and tlc she will rally round.

  2. Thank ya’ll for your comments. She is doing wonderful now. I am very lucky as most of the time when they make it to the nursing box in the house they don’t make it through the night. I am so happy right now. 🙂

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