Back Piece

backYeah! After having to start completely over, I have finally finished the back piece to hubby’s hoodie. Things went pretty smoothly and only at the end did I have any major boo boo when my Russian Join came apart. Luckily, with all the mistakes I have made since I started knitting in general, I have learned how to fix those without out having to unravel my whole project. I told hubby things were going too easy and it was time for me to make a mistake. He smiled at that one.  At the top I needed to put my work on stitch holders:normal-stitchholder

I had one that came with my learn to knit kit, but I needed another. As it is a few days before payday going out and buying one is not an option. So I mention my problem to hubby and here is his solution:

diy-stitchholderA nice piece of wire that I hooked together at the ends. It is nice to have a knight in shining armor around to solve all my DIY dilemas. 😀


2 thoughts on “Back Piece

  1. He sounds like my hubby, can turn his hand to anything. Nice knitting, you clearly have way more patience than me.

  2. Makes my life so much easier that he is so versatile and creative. It has definitely been a learning experience. There are times when I just have to walk away.

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