New Additions To The Family

speckMeet Speck.  She is our family Guardcat.  We found her wandering around an abandoned foreclosure house, meowing her head off.  We didn’t really inspect the privates very well, and assumed Speck was a male because of her habit of marking the back door where she eats her food.  Money is tight around here, and our local vets don’t make it affordable to fix pets, so one day Speck-a-roo-roo began to get a bulge around the tummy.  Then she got fat.  Then she began to eat more often.  helping-outThen came a Friday morning, when I put food down for Roo-Roo, and she just sat there looking at me and meowing, like she wanted something.  Honey knew what was going-on, and began to midwife, while I retrieved a laundry basket and an old towel.  The fact that Speck came to us makes me think that she was once an inside kitty.  Just about any outside cat I have known would’ve already scouted-out a hiding place and had them without our knowing.  speck-having-kittensThere were 4 kittens born, 3 black females and 1 grey male.  He was born last.  We are thinking of keeping the male.speck-with-kittens1After all was done, Momma Kitty rested and fed her brood.   Tal told my parents on the phone that Speck “hatched them out”  🙂  We set her up on the carport next to the kitchen door, using the blanket she normally slept on to cover the laundry basket and a piece of wood to make a little cubby hole.  kittensSpeck only gets up to eat, drink, and potty.  She now has to go all the way around the house to eat and drink (the ponds are in the back), so that gives her a nice little break from the kittens.  coonLittle grey kitten only has stripes on his tail right now, so we are thinking of naming him Coon.  What do you think?


5 thoughts on “New Additions To The Family

  1. I see our future now. I just posted today that our two outdoor female cats are definitely pregnant. I have lots of experience with cats, but not much with pregnant cats. I am sure that Mama Cat will take care of herself and probably Little Gray will, too. We’ll see. I have no idea when they got pregnant or when they will have their litters. I just know they both seem to be really hungry! 🙂

  2. What an honour that she chose you to have her kittens with. They are gorgeous little things. I think the name coon suits the little grey one just fine. Speck is a clever girl

  3. hippygirl-Most of the pregnant cats I have known have always gone off somewhere and had kittens. Speck is the first one to actually come to us. I was mostly there to give moral support. She did all the work. I would just pet her and talk to her. She was ok as long as I didn’t leave her side. If I tried to leave she would meow and try to follow me.

    beingmaisie-Thank you. I thought for sure that she would have them in the woodpile at the back of our yard, so I was surprised when she came to me. I love getting to see the babies and pet them. Hubby came up with the name Coon which I liked better than my idea of Mr. Ringtail. Their eyes are supposed to open on Monday…I can’t wait.

  4. my cat had kittens on april eighth and they looked just like theese, but two of the black ones are boys. and i am suprised at how much the gray one and our gray one look alike! I think Coon is a great name, ours also has stripes on his tail and we named him tiger.

  5. court-Congrats on your new additions. It is something how animals in totally different areas can look exactly the same.

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