Making Changes

more-woodSo what does this pile of wood have to do with chickens? Well along with 3 days off from work, this wood will be used in making changes to the brooder, nesting boxes, and houses that the chickens use. Hubby dropped this load off shortly before lunch time today. He is working at the county commissioners’ office and no one else wanted the wood, so he brought it home. He brought it home on a flatbed pick-up…cool thing about this pick-up is not only does it haul a lot, it dumps things off like a dump truck. Hubby then returned at lunch time and we sketched out roughly what our goals were and how we were going to approach it. I volunteered to get some of the things ready, so that we could get started shortly after he got home. I began by first clearing out some brush that was growing up around the edges. We are trying to keep that area clean and make an area in the middle where the chickens can hide from predators. If  we let the brush build up on the side, the hens try to escape.

My working companion
My working companion

This little guy peeked down at me from the bill of my hat as I was taking a break. I got a pic and then sent him on his merry little way. I must have picked him up while chopping down the brush, as I did see a number of caterpillars as I was working. For my next project:

brush pile
brush pile
left over wood from previous projects
left over wood from previous projects

Both of these piles needed to be moved from the middle of the yard. We are going to tear down the brooder and rebuild it, along with the nesting boxes and place them where these piles were. It only took me a few minutes to move the two piles. The brush pile went where I stacked the fresh cut stuff and the wood pile went closer to the side where the door is. After we get done this weekend all left over wood will be moved to the outside of the enclosure.

open-spaceThe great thing about piles of wood left for a long time means lotsa yummy bugs for the chickens. Here they are having a buffet on various ants and other bugs. This space is now ready for the building to begin.  We want the buildings away from the sides (less chance of escape) and closer to the house. A year ago when we first built the chicken house, we made it farther away due to the smell. Now we use a natural wormer from Holistic Horse which helps with the smell. We were somewhat skeptical at first of their claim, but were pleasantly surprised by the results. Plus by spraying down  and scooping out underneath the houses once a week also keeps the smell down. Another reason is to make gathering eggs and having broody hens easier. Our setup now makes it hard to gather eggs, because we have to climb through a tiny door and crawl around on our hands and knees…no fun when you have reached double digits in age. Plus the setup only allows for one broody hen at a time, so it requires us to break up anybody else who decides to go broody. Not good if you are trying to replenish your flock on your own. So now hubby is home which means back to work and more updates as it happens.


4 thoughts on “Making Changes

  1. I would love to find some scrap wood like that. We have plenty of trees already felled in the forest, but we would need our own mill to turn them into wood for building, I think.

    I just saw a house in town that was demolished. I wanted to stop by and ask if we could take some of the wood to salvage it, but I didn’t do it right away. Now the pile is gone.

    Any ideas for other ways to get salvageable wood? 🙂

  2. Free wood is good stuff! We get the occasional offer to tear down an old shed or barn, and usually jump at the chance for the wood or what may be left inside. Picked up an old wood burning cookstove on our last go around, well worth it.

    I am laughing along with you on your learning curve on the chickens. We had a good sized flock of Buff Orps up until just recently when they became too much work for my FIL to maintain. So they are gone and I am working on building a Chicken Ark so we can still have some hens around for the fresh eggs. This time around we are going to go with the Dominiques.


  3. hippygirl- The place we get most of our free wood is from construction dumpsters. Just go to any development place whether it be housing or commercial and dig through those big old dumpsters. You can find a lot of good building materials besides wood…we’ve brought home brick, nails, siding and such. It saves the builders money too, because they have to pay by the pound to have it dumped. Sometimes lumber stores will have piles of wood that they can’t sell and you may not get them free, but you can get a good deal on a lot of wood.

    2whls3spds-I would love to have a wood burning cookstove…I am sooo jealous. It has been quite an adventure this past year. We have a couple of Buffs and like them a lot. Never had any Dominiques. Good luck on your Chicken Ark. 🙂

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