Finishing up…

…with introducing the batch of babies we bought from the Woodville Ace hardware store. I had originally plan to do one baby a week and then move on to introducing some of older chickens. At the rate we are getting babies, they will be full grown by the time I get them introduced as babies! In fact the Magnificent 7 (as I call them) have been introduced to the big flock and are doing well. They have been out there since Friday and where one goes they all go. I already have introduce Piney,Nutty, and Higgledy so here are the remaining 4:


This is Henny, a brown leghorn. Hubby has been wanting some white egg layers for a while, so he was excited when he saw these babies. The Ace hardware store here in Crawfordville only gets brown or tinted egg layers for standard size chickens. Henny has the lighter stripe on her head and is really sweet. She also looks like a duck to me when she is laying down. Now that they are out with the big flock, she tends to get left behind when the others move on.

pennyPenny is also a brown leghorn and we were able to tell these two apart by the fact that Penny’s stripe is darker. Now that they have grown feathers it is a little bit harder. Although, Penny tends to be one of the decision makers as to where the little flock moves to in the yard. She is also one of the first ones to come running when I call for scratch.

slackerSlacker is the bigger of the 2 Partridge Rock pullets, she is also the slowest. The rocks are easier to tell apart- even though they are getting their feathers in. Slacker looks as if she is going through a molt and is all bedraggled looking. I do believe she is quite the loudest too.


Speedy (also a Partridge Rock) is also a more reddish color than Slacker and as her name implies she is the fastest. She is actually the only one that is fully feathered at this time and she is gorgeous. It is hard to tell but her feathers are red with black spangles. Originally we were going to get buff orpingtons, but they were not shipped and hubby decided to bring the rocks home instead.

It has been several weeks since I have taken the baby pics, so here is an updated one.


Unfortunately, I could not get a pic of all of them together, but here are Piney,Henny, Penny and Higgledy. These babies are grown really fast and are much bigger at this stage than our Ideal babies were. It is amazing at how different the same breed can be from two different places. These pullets still have not learned to go in the house at night, so I must go out and catch them with hubby. The good thing is they go and get in a nesting box which makes it easier to catch them.


2 thoughts on “Finishing up…

  1. You have a great bunch of girls there. I now have 2 RIR X Light sussex girls and they are both identical honey, caramel colour. Don’t know how i’m going to tell them apart at the moment.

  2. Thank you. We have had that problem with a couple of them, but if you look hard you can generally find something different about them. Enjoy your new babies.

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