New Accessories For Both Bikes

green-bandannasTal and I went to Tallahassee and did a bit of shopping for both bikes today.  The objective was two bicycle computers and a new seat for The Beast, but I also purchased some green bandannas as skirt guards on Beauty.  Just goes with the whole frog theme.frog-for-front-mudflapThis frog was given to Wifey by our landlady, so I installed it on the front mudflap.  The eyes move around when the frog is turned or is the computer for Wifey’s bike.  It’s a Schwinn, purchased for less than $10 at Mal Wart.  I assumed they were all the same, but when I got them home, there was a silver and a red one, so the red one went on my bike.  I did a roll-out test and measured the circumference of a 28″ wheel with 28 x 1 1/2″ (40-635) tyres, and it came-out to be 2208 millimetres, just-in-case you were ever wondering if you could use a bike computer with your English roadster.  Calibrating is as easy as entering that number for your wheel circumference.  computer-and-seat-for-the-beastHere’s a pic of that awfully comfortable Cloud-9 seat and the new red cyclocomputer on The Beast.  It will match my red milk crate panniers. 

The reason for the computers is that Cyclingchicken is very serious about improving her health, and wants to track her progress.  One of the tools for doing so is by keeping up with how many miles she is riding per week.   Our sources, Yahoo Maps, Mapquest, and our landlady’s car tripmeter, have each come up with a different number, far off from the other two, so we decided to just get some computers.  We got two so we wouldn’t be arguing over distances like we usually do.  I tend to use alternative routes to avoid heavy traffic, while Honey tends to plow on down the shortest possible route, traffic-be-damned, which, to me, defeats the purpose of putting on more mileage.  So, I sometimes I have to convince Wifey that my alternative routes aren’t as far out-of-the-way as they feel to her.  🙂


2 thoughts on “New Accessories For Both Bikes

  1. Thank you. I really like how all the colors are coming together nicely. I even got a new dress today try the green guards with tomorrow.

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