After having spent most of the day inside due to little man being sick (high pollen ) and it raining, I decided to go for a bike run to Wal-Mart after hubby got home. This served two purposes: getting me some down time and testing out my new skirt guard. I have ridden the bike since hubby put them on, but the skirt I wore wasn’t long enough to worry about. Yesterday I had on a dress which has a hem line below the knees and has quickly become my fav dress. So I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be stuck just wearing it around the house. The great thing about a bicycle is that if something is going to get stuck it does it right away not miles down the road. This makes it easy to adjust things, but with the new skirt guard no adjustment was needed! It worked perfectly. 😀 I made it to Wal-Mart and back with no problems. Plus hubby’s mudflaps worked great at keeping the water off me when I rode through the puddles. I still have not gotten used to the idea that I have flaps and every time I go through a puddle I am pleasantly surprised when I don’t get wet.  

I do have one more test to make: my all time fav broomstick skirts. I love these things and at being only 5’2″ these things make my feet disappear (perfect skirt for those times you want to be unlady like and sit Indian style on the floor). Unfortunately, I will have to wait until I purchase one of those as I had one, but it got too big around the waist even after having the sides taken in (I LOVE MY BIKE). Hmmm….I do have a birthday coming up…..

PS Little man is doing fine today, but it is still raining…


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