Our Toads Are Back!

projects-014We have three backyard ponds, 35, 250, and 450 gallons.  Every spring at the first rainstorm since we put them in, the toads have shown-up to bless us with their songs and tadpoles.  projects-015This year has been no exception.  They appeared last night, after a hard rain.  We had been to a church small group, and had the most wonderful night ride coming back, with frogs singing in the trees and far-away flashes of lightning from the retreating storm.  I stepped out the back door after we arrived home and found toads doing their thing, even on sandy soil a couple yards from a pond.  I picked them up and put them in the middle pond. projects-017I am only too happy to have these little guys around, as they also work hard reducing the insect population around our yard.


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