New Door For The Chickie Yard.

old-doorThis is the old door to our chicken enclosure, and it’s probably about a year old.  Our enclosure has been through many incarnations, from a small run fully enclosed, to 1/8 of an acre open to the sky.  This door has been through all that.  I built this thing in a short amount of time, with limited materials on-hand.  That’s why it’s only 4 1/2′ tall, crooked, with saggy hinges.  I don’t know how many times I have bonked my head on that lintel.  I got so mad one time that I knocked the doorway apart with a hammer and had to reconstruct it.  toolsI had been putting-up mesh to keep young chickens in all day, and uncovered a door that a friend of mine at work had given me.  Honey and I are several days into the Love Dare book, and the latest dare is to do some unexpected act of kindness for your spouse.  I knew how much she hates that door, so I decided to do something about it.  new-door2Tal and I went to my shop with the wagon and picked up some broken sign posts.  I drove two in the ground the right distance apart, then bolted the hinges of the door to the straightest one.  The posts are strong enough not to have a lintel, so I just put more mesh a foot upward from the door to match the 6 ft welded wire fencing.  Now there won’t be anymore hitting our heads.  The other side wasn’t so straight, so I had to add some wood to cover gaps.  The door swings outward.  Tal was helpful in all this, keeping the hens away from the gap I’d made in the fence with his trusty plastic Pirate sword.  meshA few of my hens have this fetish for digging huge potholes directly in front of the enclosure door, usually the same ones every time.  I actually butchered two of our hens this weekend, partly for that reason and partly because money’s tight and we needed meat.  The worst perpetrators were both Silver-Lace Wyandottes.  I don’t think we’ll be getting anymore of them.  They were conniving and mean.  So, I bury wire mesh in the ground a few feet out from the door so I don’t have to twist my ankle in a pothole as I step into the chicken yard 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Door For The Chickie Yard.

  1. Just randomly found your blog but…now I have to ask…are the silver-lace wyandottes really that bad? We got 2 of them (our first flock…6 total). They are only a week old but I already get this sense that they sort of…don’t like us. The buckeyes are skittish but will be held, the americauanas are big and confident and totally cool…but the wyandottes want nothing to do with us; I took chick portraits to celebrate their 1-wk birthday and only got pictures of the a’s and b’s…no wyandottes, they weren’t having anything to do with it. Coincidence? Not that it matters much at this point, just curious your experience with them.

  2. We didn’t get ours as babies, so not quite sure how they would have been at that stage. Unfortunately, as adults they tended to be mean to the other hens and destructive (digging crater size potholes mostly)…now that may have just been the personalities of the ones we were given. They were pretty though. We haven’t had any buckeyes, but we love the americauanas…they are real sweeties. Maybe if you keep handling the wyandottes they will get over their aloofness. I know that some of our chickens as babies wanted nothing to do with us and would make the most horrible ruckus if we picked them up, but now are really sweet and liked to be held for a tiny bit. 🙂

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