When we ordered our chicks from Ideal we only order one of each kind that we had liked. So when Ace in Woodville had Black Australorps pullets we made sure to get a second one (Piggledy is the first). You may be wondering where we get some of the names we choose. We were watching a YouTube videoabout chickens playing soccer. One of the hens was named Hicketty Picketty, but for some unknown reason we remembered it as Higgledy Piggledy, so we took the name and split it up between 2 babies.

higgledyAs you can see we are not impressed with the whole picture taking process. Higgledy is a sweet little baby and doesn’t mind being held too much. Right now it is easy to tell Higgledy and Piggledy apart, because Piggledy is so much bigger. I am wondering how we are going to do it when they become full grown.


2 thoughts on “Higgledy

  1. I adore higgledy and piggledy. I bet you will be able to tell them apart from their personalities by that time.
    I have only 1 weeks to go until my eggs hatch and i cant wait.

  2. OOH! I would be just bonkers waiting for them to hatch. I absolutely adore our new chickens. Hubby was telling me that Higgledy is starting to develop a comb, so she might be a he. We’ll see.

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