Green Living Expo

Saturday we decided to head out to the 3rd annual Green Living Expo. It was held at the Riversprings Middle School which was about 5 miles away. Little man got into the spirit by having his hair done:


I used green food coloring to dye it and green sparkling decorating gel to make it sparkle and stand up (I told him the gel was to make him taste good). He received several complements on his green Mohawk. The flyer stated that there was to be several activities, vendors, food and workshops. One of the events that caught our eyes was the Bike Rodeo. This left us with a dilemma…how to get little man’s bike there since we were going by bike. Give hubby a few minutes to chew on a problem and voila:


whole-setupWith little man riding Dutch Style on the back of hubby’s bike we were able to fold down the trailer and plop the bike on top. Then attached the trailer to my bike and we were ready to roll. It was windy and I managed to forget my purse, so it took a longer to get there than would have normally. Though when we finally all got together (hubby and little man went back for my purse) the first item on our agenda was getting little man into the bike rodeo.

participatingHe learned to make sure to look for cars and here in the picture he is learning the correct way to make a left turn. He did well, only thing he was unable to do is let go of the the handle to signal left. One thing is that the chopper style bicycle is hard to handle and second he is only 5, so multi-tasking is still quite a hard thing to do. While he was participating, I went and registered us and receive a reusable shopping bag and some information.


 We were starting to get hungry, so we bought a bag of Kettle Korn and decided to see what they had to offer. First we signed up for a chance to win a compost bin and then went and did a couple of children’s activities. Using a cookie cutter shaped like a train, some wet shredded newspaper, and some native flower seeds, little man made a neat seed cake. He first took the cookie cutter and filled the bottom with the wet newspaper. He then sprinkled seeds on top of the newspaper and then covered the seeds with another layer of newspaper. He then took a sponge and soaked the cake, after which was placed in a bag to take home with instructions to take it out of the bag to let completely dry. Once dry he was able to dig a hole and plant it. He also picked up a wildflower poster and a pamphlet about the seed he planted which is called Coreopsis or Tickseed.


The finished product of activity two using yarn, toilet paper roll, peanut butter and bird seeds. I have not seen anyone actually visit, but someone must be because there is some missing at the top. Upon completing this activity we then went to look at the vendors and informational areas. We did not go to the workshops because we had other plans for the evening and needed to get home. There were some really good booths and we got a whole load of goodies.

Little Man's goodies: pencils, tattoo, shopping bag
Little Man's goodies: pencils, tattoo, shopping bag

Hubby's and mine shirts, seeds, information

Hubby’s and mine shirts, seeds, information

Some of the highlights were:

  • We tried goat meat for the first time. It was really good, but at $6 a pound we were unable to afford any.
  • We met a pelican that had been rescued and now served as a surrogate for other rescued pelican babies.
  • I got pinched by a crab…I was told that I had been the only one brave enough to stick my hand in the tank…I starting to think brave wasn’t the correct word.
  • We met a gentleman who has been car free for about 13 years now. Through him we learned about a community bike shop in Tallahassee that we are planning to visit soon.

We enjoyed ourselves and are on the right track to using our cloth bags for purchases instead of plastic bags. Hopefully, next year we will have more time and will be able to attend some of the workshops.


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