DIY Skirt Guard

projects-006Wifey likes to wear skirts and dresses, and would like to be able to ride in them.  At some point in time, ladies’ bicycles came standard with skirt guards.  That still may be true in other countries, but not here in the good ol’ U, S of A.  It may appear that you get freedom of choice here, but only if you choose what everybody else does.  So, if you want a bicycle that’s actually practical, you may have to start with a bike that’s not quite there and then fabricate the accessories.  A skirt guard keeps a woman’s skirt or dress out of the spokes and off the tire of the rear wheel.   It can be made from a number of materials, including sheetmetal, plastic, wire, rope, twine, leather, or cloth.   A coat guard is very similar, but seems to be shorter, with coverage basically around the rear brake bridge.  I have chosen to make these guards out of cloth, bandannas to be exact.  I wanted something easy to put on and take off, and that won’t damage the fenders.  projects-005It was easy enough to wrap two bandannas around the frame and rear rack and then tie them, but what to do with the lower corners?  Honey supplied me with some hair ties and twisty-ties, which I wrapped around the chainstays and tied to the lower corners of the bandannas after poking holes through them with an aviation pick and widening the holes with an awl.projects-0071The result looks very professional and cute.  I think later, we will purchase some green bandannas to go with the whole frog theme.


7 thoughts on “DIY Skirt Guard

  1. I may have Scotch-Irish ancestry, but I still cannot bring myself to wear a kilt (man skirt). I’d sooner wear plaid golfing pants.

  2. I find the nice coroplast (plastic) political signs left over at the end of the election work great, plenty of other uses too. If it wasn’t the candidate of your choice just put their mug to the inside and let the mud slinging begin! :>D


  3. I like your thinking. I have used such signs for many things, but not that. Will have to give it a try. I have a sign from an election-fixing sherriff I’d like to use…

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