Smooth Transition

Well I have been working diligently on hubby’s hoodie (since the day I had to start over) and have completed the first stripe:orange-stripeI was then ready to start on the yellow stripe. Last time I had tried the Russian Join, I had not done it correctly and my two colors came apart. I went back and studied how to do the Russian Join again, so that I wouldn’t make the same mistake. I decided to use the Russian Join instead of carrying the colors up the side due to the fact that I am doing 36 rows to equal one stripe which means I would be carrying a good bit up the side that I could actually be knitting with. Plus I like how much neater the Russian Join looks if completed the right way.russian-joinIn order to make sure that I had enough orange I went ahead to the end with my purl stitches. Then I undid about 4 stitches to see how much yarn I used. I then added that amount from the ball of yarn. I cut the yarn from the ball and threaded it through the tapestry needle. I threaded the needle through the middle of the yarn piece that was attached to the knitting. I pulled it through just enough to make a loop. I then took the end of my yellow yarn and put it through the loop, after which I repeated the steps I had taken to make the loop for the orange.russian-join-21I carefully pulled the tails tighter, so that the loops disappeared and the yarns look like one. I cut off the excess tails. Finally, I purled those last 4 stitches to see if  I had lined it up right. If I had then when I started the next row it would be just yellow yarn and:smooth-transition1I lined it up perfectly! 😀 It creates a couple of stitches that are thicker, but other than that it is clean looking. I carefully did a couple of more rows to make sure that I had indeed did it right. I am thrilled that it turned out right. Only 33 more rows and this stripe will be done. I will be doing 3 orange stripes and 2 yellow stripes for the the front and back of the hoodie and it looks like one ball of yarn covers 2 stripes. I went to pick up some more yarn, but Wal-Mart was out. Luckily, I have an orange and a yellow skein in the back room waiting to be rolled into balls. So I don’t need to worry about running out too soon. I just like to have extra on hand just to make sure I don’t run out in the middle of a project. Well back to the needles I go….


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