Goodies for Beauty

headlight-attachedI went up to Mal Wart this evening to pick-up something for dinner, and found an LED headlight laying on the side of the road.  Not only does it work, but it’s pretty bright.  I decided to attach it to the front reflector on my Honey’s bike for some added light.  The price was definitely right.froggy-hook-detailI have been trying to figure-out a decoration for the large mudflap on the back of beauty, and Wifey had requested something frog-related.  I found this amongst the keyrings at Mal Wart for $2.00.  Not bad.  I tried several methods of attachment, and settled on this motorcycle cable clip.froggy-accessoryI think it fills that empty space well!  You can also see in this picture the rear blinky light I have attached where there normally would be a reflector on most English three speeds.  Beauty didn’t come with one.  This blinky light is left over from a headlight and taillight combo set.  I got tired of the headlight because it required “C” batteries, a difficult size to find in rechargeables.  The tail light mount broke, and the light had been mostly used handheld for walking around the neighborhood at night.  I found a reflector mount that the blinky light would slide right onto and it had a hole just right for the fender stay bolt.


2 thoughts on “Goodies for Beauty

  1. Is that how you do it. I have never been able to change to another colour wool, i always end up with a big hole in my work

  2. Another way to do it is to tie the new color to the old one and then twist, so that the new color is at the bottom and the old color is at the top. From there you knit a few rows up the side always twisting the two yarn colors when you come to that side. I made a sweater for little man and did it that way, but I had small stripes, so it was easier to carry up the side than to cut and join.

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